Stinkyballs, sorry about my absence....wifeee gave me my weekly Canadian tire allowance......oooooo I was so excited took me two days to making up my mind of , what to buy. Well on to my DD on BGM, what should I do when they start trading???? Thats what I,m doing here Chilly getting a feel for whats going on inside the company,what are the facts,rumours and investor phychology.Conclusion so far....

-shady history, won't go into detail here

-under CTO

-no gold being poured

-no cash flow

-no money

-very low otc activity....sp going down

-new debt accumulating daily, behind the 8 ball right off the bell

-20 percent do or die loan

-looks like no secret hand shake

-very nervous bunch of longs

-finally sowdens resource est. very slim chance it will come in higher than PG's, but possible

-management change before this thing opens could be the best thing that could happen to and for this company, that could change the whole out look "better days ahead even with a lower resource est."

IMO If redemption does not happen in a big way, other wise a hugh resource est. from sowden and/or big time oz's being poured. This thing is going south opening day big time, salvation will only come in the forum of a hugh resource est.and/or big time gold recovery/pouring gold and or a buy out which IMO does not look like there is a secret hand shake. Opening day looks like a good time for new shorts, but I don't short stocks. Investor confidence has been wiped out, no ones fault but the companies. Just my opinion.