The fact that Frank has lent more money to Barkerville during this tough time in lending is enough for me to feel confident at night sleeping.   He truly has his own skin in the game.

As for his 20% interest rate........   Has anyone asked how Frank came up with this money in the first place to lend?     DId Frank have to sell assets to get the money to lend?     Frank is not from a silver spoon family and he doesnt have the friends with deep pockets that some in the mining industry have.    Frank maybe due to his past behavior has alienated bigger investors so I personally think Frank has had to do much more than what meets the eye to come up with this sum of money to start off.    Then he had to convince the BSCS even to let him lend the money to Barkerville as they are in a CTO.

So before people go throwing stones they should maybe dig a bit deeper for information.    If Frank has had to liquidate items which I believe he has he has taken more than a 20% hit and the 20% that he is charging wont even make up for losses incurred.   

In the end what Frank has done is for the good of the company.    Those who bash him for the 20% fee are short sighted.    Who knows if BGM comes back with a good number(43-101) Frank will be paid back early and the stock will be a lot higher WITHOUT FURTHER DILUTION that some have suggested he should have done.