Hey Risk_____assess et al.  This is the same FC who kept drilling when most were calling to put a hold on it in 2011 .  Does anyone know where we would be if that happened....our stock would be sitting at maybe .25 cents or lower and trying to raise funds at that level given current market conditions.  If it wasn't for that agressive drilling we wouldn't be here talking about a potential large resource.   It's simple by saying let's do a mgmt change and not considering all the factors.  Oh by the way...didn't we already try that with Mr. Miller.  What happened to our stock when he took control.  As far as I can remember we went down considerably before changes were made again and we started to climb up.  

It's simple, either you believe in the resource or you don't, it's each person's own opinion.    But let's keep the focus here on the bigger picture instead of all the small talk.