You are CEO of a company that lends money to at 20% interest over a year.  The most intriguing part of this exercise is the CEO most likely got all of his money from shareholders invested in the company. 

So of that $2 million dollars you gave to the company.  The company will probably pay the CEO back $400,000 in salary, bonuses and other compensation.   So the CEO really only gave the company $1.6 million.   But the company has to pay back the CEO $2 million plus $400,000 in interest.   So the CEO nets about $800,000 over the course of the year.   All assuming BGM starts producing and making money because it will be pretty hard for them to go back to the market to raise money again.

But most should be asking is why does BGM really need this money when they should be pouring gold.  At least all the pumpers say this company was a "gold mine"

Where is the $2 -10 dollar range pumpers?