Some of you guys need to give you head a shake.  It's pretty easy to sit all day on these boards and complain about things.  If someone is sticking their neck out and lending money to a company in CTO mode is pretty brave and take a lot of guts.  I think 20% in this situation is nothing.  I can't see anyone on these boards that would be willing to put up their money. 

Can you image the company overhead, payroll costs aside from other things.  2.4 mill barely covers a portion of their expenses.  Take a look at what is going on with the project - there is so much happening at the mine site, resource report, etc and do you think those guys are getting paid.  So much equipment at work over the last couple you think the 2.4 mill covers that.  Not even close. 

For some of you who think they could issue shares - what planet are you guys on.  If they could issue shares while in CTO mode I am sure they would consider any option.  DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE!  They are lucky that BCSC even allows them to do this partial revocation to get this done.  You should be applauding here as do you not know what happens when cash runs out.....

Not taking it too long - we should learn to appreciate things.  A measily 20% is not much at all considering the risk factors involved.  Just my two bits.