this is in addition to wages, salaries, benefits, stock options, travel expenses, entertainment, auto and all of the other perks an executive gets,


Related party transactions:

A summary of the amounts charged to the Company by directors, former directors, and by companies controlled by directors, not disclosed elsewhere, is as follows:

 9 months ended

                                                          November, 2011                                                                         November 31, 2010

Explorations costs                                 5,289,163                                                                                           $1,897,553

 reimbursed expenditures                           72,000                                                                                                  72,000  

Legal                                                       142,327                                                                                                 154,599

Management fees                                    180,000                                                                                                  180,000

Consulting fees                                          45,000                                                                                                    45,000