I think if you all read the N/R in detail you will find that 1) BGM gets a bunch of need  cash at no cost (the interest is only paid when the principal is repaid) .2) the fact  that FC is advancing additional personal funds lends credence to his committment and integrety..... if BGM was a scam FC would be long  gone to the Bahamas with his cash in tact. 3) The Report will not be out for another  1 or 2  months ...read 2 or 3....4) Funds are   to be used  to finance day to day operations and more importantely pay for the technical report.....in the real world the report could be prepared and finalized but if its not paid for, it  would not be released  ......5) so its all good..and  all that is needed  is  a lot of patience and we will all benefit in the long run