If you look at the BGM news site, you will see numerous deals for raising money over past 2-3 years. The BCSC does allow partial revocations to do a PP, and BGM has done many.  They have also borrowed millions at 8-10% interest.  The loans can be secured by numerous assets.  I am just saying at a time where shareholder frustration is growing, you have the guy at the center of all of this seemingly once again using his position to profit from the various companies he controls.  I still do not see how doing a PP with GCC for 6 mil shares and 3 mil warrants does not severely dilute those shareholders?  Can someone explain? If you look through all of the many financials for his various companies, you see FC has profited in many ways through these various companies other than his salary.  So do the GCC shareholders know where the $1.5mil currently being raised is going?  Is it all going to BGM at 20%?  If not, is the $750k owed FC and his Standard Drilling being paid to FC?  I just think FC could have been seen as a white knight and offered reasonable terms on this loan, but instead it makes him look like a vulture. If BGM really can prove the goods, and the company sells, FC could realisticly see $60 to $100 million plus.  I hope he makes that much as it would mean we all would make good money.  But to me, it just shows another example of bad leadership skills.