At this point the only thing that will make this entire process worthwhile is a significant increase in sp.  Obviously this would mean redemption for Frank but to what degree?  How many people here would be happy with a reduction in ounces from 10.6 to 3 or 4?  This would still be a significant discovery but certainly after original numbers reported many people would be disappointed because many people bought in based on the original 43-101.    There is no question in my mind that the cto will be in effect until 2013 at this stage of the game but it was only wishful thinking to have thought otherwise.  Once I heard of the additional drilling I thought the process would drag on into 2013.  I'm concerned now that we wait for several more months.  I'd like to think the fact BGM remain confident in PG's report is promising but BGM have disappointed many times in the past.  I think an announcement on production would lift spirits and relieve tension.  Not to mention  the additional 43-101's which will be upcoming.  I am now thinking more along the lines of a buyout once we resume production, have cto lifted, and see a news release involving the other two 43-101's, 4-6 months from now.  I'm preparing for a cto lift in February now.  As usual, still believe in the potential :)  cheers