with these " clowns"...lololll.... Wondering if there will not be some management changes at various Institiutions. Change is good. It makes for healthy business.

Static is what all humans after age ( 25 / plus or minus according to  Dr Desmond Morris...Re " The Naked Ape"...not for the overly Religious as it may reduce Humans to .....hmmmm ) 

However it seems by (my) observation 'flux' aka Change is the only constant in the ' Universe' which seems to be a little bigger than most 'Pundits' can currently extrapolate....ACCURATELY. Oh well...there is likely

a speeding asteroid ( Extinction Level Event ) moving in fast...if we do not kill ourselves off via Virus...Nuclear war....and or Global warming and or any combination in no particular order.

So, summarily change is inevitable. I wonder how much the "Snowden" people will change...and or up...Mr Georges "block" mining and tonnage grades.

Patiently waiting for the Action....please Nota Bene...the Client list in the link for Snowden...