Just wanted to give you a heads up on a new one with great potential. John Kaiser says that due to the scale and size of the target at XXXXX, it resembles very closely the massive U308 deposit found at MacArthur River, which according to Cameco is a world class unconformity uranium deposit worth in excess of $2 billion. Kaiser also reports that this means it is very possible for a 2,000%-5,000% upside from the present share price if such a discovery is made and of course if XXXXXX doesn't dilute their shares. Currently XXXXX is drilling the third hole (all paid for by Cameco for 70%) so one could expect news be out any day. 

If interested please inbox me and I can forward the name and some info. I haven't given you the identity so I don't offend you thinking this is spam...my intention is just to give a heads up to those who are tired of losing money in this lousy market.

 Anyway, let me know if interested.