Ed Godin was a director of BER. This company CZQ is at a all time low $ .225/share. Godin was sued by several shareholders recently for being oppressive in his running of CZQ. Their share holders are not happy. The only person buying shares of CZQ is Godin right now. Guess why? The other company that Godin ran was the company that helped BER find all that beryllium that wasn't there. Now we are going to find all that uranium that isn't there. Reputation speaks loudly. Record speaks loudly. BER has just enough money left to help Godin retire. BER is even owed $ 53,000.00 back from a director for services not given in 2011. I would guess the one that resigned. He will not pay. BER is desperate to do something. CZQ is desperate to get some money out of the deal. These are two companies that have a lot in common. No one is interested in them and no one likes them. Great marriage. Look for a good story and a quick exit in this one. This will be throwing good money at a bad situation. I can't wait to hear the story for this one. This will be the " Day after tomorrow" if you have seen the movie. Cold, lost and desperate. Who is promoting this one? Anyone know? I know the company, Suckersborneveryminute Inc. If the was a hair cut I would say it would be called a Fro. prove me wrong. WB1