Gold woke up this afternoon. 



Equities also woke up. 

Dow over 13000.

Too bad it's a false positive brought on from all of the shorting against US equities. 


Bad for equity longs. Great for Gold bugs. $1800 by next week could be in the cards for gold. If gold can jump to 2k by Christmas, it will only put more pressure on the potential buyer to sign a delivery agreement with BCG ASAP. Wait too long and you are going to get less ounces for your 4.3 million.  


This stock is worth 10 mil with that agreement minimum. It would give them 5 mil in the bank and 5 mil + for the value of having a working small scale mine.  Thanks to the sellers the last few days. Adding to my position here as of late. The payoff will be handsome once the deal is done.