"Good luck investors". That is a major comment on investing, especially in juniors. No matter how good your Geologist is, they still need a lot of luck in discovering a major find, which will make share holders happy and rich. It's a lot of expensive exploration, financing, dilution and a lot of luck. At the end of the day, I wouldn't question the integrity or technical ability  of any Geologist , as unless you are a Geologist, second guessing from the nose bleed row, is pretty meaningless. That is not to say, that people aren't tempted to fleece you in the Stock Market. That happens a lot and there is no guarantee, that you will identify them all easily. I have found this company's Management approachable and responsive to questions. I don't report anything on these conversations, as it is for my own information and I don't intend to put any spin on it and post it on these bullboards. I have never received insider info. from any co. and I don't expect to either, but you can gather information, that is able to throw new light on available information. There is no guarantee, that we will succeed in a major find with this stock. Even if they succeed, it won't happen quickly. We can chew the cud on these BB's and it means squat, as I wouldn't trust any opinion, that was not based on published data , from a recognized technical person. Engineer has had very little real and focused exploration. All previous owners wanted to get rich quick and mine all the easily exploitable Gold. Rumours are not facts and unpublished exploration data doesn't mean squat. These guys at BCG are trying a real detailed and expensive exploration strategy and no matter how good their intentions, if they can't sell this approach to investors it won't succeed. Bottom line, you guys can BS. all you want, it won't make much difference in attracting or keeping away any savvy investors. I do my own research and so should All. Go Calgary GO. Keep posting, as I read it all, without prejudice. I have no intention of ever trying to influence any readers opinions, you have to from your own.