Some new infomation, nothing too crazy but I find it encouraging that we found shear zones not previously recognized on the property in past exploration. To go with this info is also lots of pictures and graphs showing the delineation of the soil sampling and mapping. Worth a look, but not going to do anything for this stock over night. For that we need the forward sale agreement and fast!!


MMI soil sampling highlight low-grade goldmineralization in shear zones:

Anomalous in Au, Ag, As, Sb, Mo

  • MMI soils highlight historic workings and partially developed showings:

    Shear “A” and Shear “B” Engineer Vein
    Hub “A” and Hub “B”

  • New zones identified:
    2 km north of Hub “B”

    Happy Sullivan

  • Historic (1980’s) soil sampling failed to identify shear zones

  • MMI could be new tool in identifying shear zone related gold mineralization! 


  • Completed MMI soil survey at Engineer Mine and adjoining Gold Hill Property testing +4km Shear Zone ‘A’, +2km Shear Zone ‘B’, and Happy Sullivan bulk tonnage gold targets. Results pending...