Yukoninvestor;  It is amazing when you read some posts what comes to mind.  Once upon a time, a long time ago,,,,,,, I used to go to the " Horse Races" in my area.  I would, like so many people by a PROGRAM that would have all the statistics for all the horses in race. It became truly interesting to watch how so many people could be so wrong about the outcome of any particular race when they all had just read the facts about every horse just prior to the race,,,, but,,,, in order to get a reasonable PAY OUT on Win, Place, and Show tickets, most people would have to wrong most of the time. I have an awfull feeling comming over me that there are certain similarities between this " Speculative Venture Market" and those old " Horse Races". I think I will at this time pour myself a good  stiff drink!  before I get too paranoid. GLTA !!