Yukoninvestor;  It is sad, but you are so right in my humble opinion and I am glad you have shared those views on this bullboard.  It is a reminder to all that we must do all we can in the line of DD before investing, while invested, and when we decide to with draw from and investment. Several very old statements came to mind while reading your comments. The first being " Buyer beware"  and the long quoted statement of P.T Barnum " A sucker is born every minute"!  It is getting so very difficult for the average person to sift through  the " Marketing B.S. " that so many money hungry sharks are putting out, to find a gleem of the real truth. That is what I am ( and I hope all investors) are counting with these Bull Boards, and that is the Bull Board has the POTENTIAL of contributing to investors DD in these highly speculative matters.  GLTA!