I think I have read everything there is to read about the Engineer mine and have ask BCG everything I ever wanted to know about it and unless they have a change of management it just going to be the same old thing year after year with BCG.

They had nothing special lined up as some had hoped with this consolidation, it was nothing more then to reduce the shares so they could get right to work diluting them. They need money now just to pay themselves and keep the lights on for the next 7 months when their season starts and once the 750 k has been spent then what.

Apart from the PP I can't see any news coming out in the coming months that will help keep the SP above the .10 mark, more than likely calvin is right with the .05 by next season. If by some miracle they are able to fill this PP and come up with a much more ambitious plan for 2013 than they have had in the past I to might show some interest again.