My purpose in asking one to read the Snowden report, is because they give a very accurate and technical history of the mine and past exploration attempts. The report is 94 pages, so it's not some mickey mouse weekend report. The gist of the findings are that no one spent too much money or time to do a thorough exploration of the mine and it's surroundings. everyone was just trying to find the mother lode and when they didn't they gave up. Thorough exploration include lots of drilling and then bulk sampling to average out grades. Snowden 's recommendation of the steps to take to fully explore the property's potential is backed up with verifiable data , which they quote. They wouldn't recommend a ten+ million program, if they felt there was no profit to be made. That makes no sense, as that is the whole idea of the report/study. There are also data quoted, where mechanical system recovery was done on some of the samples into the 90% range. It is a worthwhile read, just to get a better understanding of what is guiding BCG's management in their exploration program. That is it from me, as I have to concentrate on the CFL playoffs this week end.