In spite of the fact I have no interest in BCG anymore I can shed some light on this dewatering because I had more than 1 conversation with BCG specifically about it.

The pump they used was nothing more than a basic water pump anyone could rent from a rental store or even Home Depot, it took about 2 hours or so to dewater both levels. At the time I was told the plan was to leave the mine in fall and let it fill back up with water to see how long it took.

I don't think water is the issue with Engineer Mine, I think Engineer has run it's course and is no longer cost efficient to start up again else it would have already been done by one of the previous junior companies that have owned the mine.

I stated all year that I believed this was just the beginning and BCG was just getting started but now I really believe this is the beginning of the end for BCG.

If the PP was going to include everything nessesary to begin production in 2013, all 4 Mil I was set to buy into that but once I read 750,000 for general working capital I can see nothing will be any different in the future with BCG.