With all the private placements it is going to be difficult for BBB stock to gain traction and increase in price in the next 6 months.  The 3rd PP in 5 months takes place next month.  The September 2012 PP and the February 2013 PP both come with warrants.  Stock from the c$0.13/share September PP become free trading on Jan 27.  It's difficult to image a scenario where the stock doesn't drop back to that price as sellers unload their shares at break even and go forward with the options.  Especially this time of year when there is no drilling activity and the associated finds that could move the stock up.  With the backdrop of continued PPs and a 6 month annual exploration window BBB will have to make tremendous discoveries to escalate in price. 


BBB hasn't been fully valued by the market, but junior explorers are almost all undervalued right now.  BBB probably more so than most.  Hopefully that turns around and the stock responds positively.