Creature was spot on giving the key points of the alert and also to not copy and paste it.That service is $4500/yr or you have to be a lifetime member,which i am,and appreciate that he had the decency to try and help the board here without screwing his fellow paying subscribers.

I guess todays action was undersandable.Sadly.The NR wasn't off the charts good(although still extremely good)that it could override the well known fact that this is the last of the results for at least  7 months.In hindsight(always the easiest way to know what one should have done),I wish I had sold more today.I did sell 2/3 of my warrants at .05.Tried to sell all but no takers.I think this will be dead money for a while but I for one plan to have in a permanent stink bid till next spring for all the weak(or impatient)hands selling what could be a spectacularly successful investment.Drill results like this don't come out every day,or week,or month.I hope to accumulate a massive position by next spring.