If you bothered reading Evoluto's posts you would know he/she owns  in property in Bahia Solano.

They have leases on this property for 15  with an option of 25 years.

The next  process is for them to run it thru IFC’s Office of the Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman (CAO)

Just when you think Colombia is as backwards as it can get it decides in the international communities favour

Colombia to make illegal mining a penalized crime


Choco where this company is not going to be a happy and safe community while this FARC’s demobilization gets enforced as this area trades in all things illegal coke, gold, and timber.


I disagree that mining and timber are apple and oranges as Choco is all things illegal. 

The international community like this connected group of people will get Santos to destroy and seize timber equiptment next but first they will have a new civil war against these drug lords.