Taught as a class.  Funny.  The class would be short.  Don't do business in Colombia. 

I really appreciate the bashing that went on here.  Prima had harvested huge amounts of timber prior to going whole-hog in Colombia.  They knew everything that was needed, they knew the lay of the land, they knew what was possible and what wasn't.  What they didn't know was that Colombia would kill the process, for the sake of screwing them out of any commitment.

Good news story about environmentalists killed in Brazil and the illegal stripping of the rain forest.  Just a matter of time, and karma could be a real b.....for that environmentalist that chained himself to some trees where Prima was to harvest.  Prima will be long gone, but the people engaged in nefarious activities will likely not allow this gent much latitude. 

One more reason why Colombia should have allowed Prima to be the first mover, even with an imperfect deal.

His blood could just as easily be on their hands, next.  And for what?  If anything, he should have been hired as a consultant in cooperation with the process, to ensure both parties would be satisfied with the result.  Then everyone wins.