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Balmoral Resources Ltd V.BAR

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s):  BALMF | T.BAR

Price: $1.66 | Change: $-0.02 | %Change: -1.19%
Volume: 393,788 | Day High/Low: 1.69/1.66 | 52 Week High/Low: 1.78/0.295

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DGO 4km NE fom discovery hole, and HHS 2km north, both tied to BAR!  rate and reply
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Is the price of nickel heading towards $US40,000 per tonne? Thomas SmithJournalist. Senior Editor - Mining. Australia's Mining Monthly Nickel, one of the most volatile metals, has market watchers...read more
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Industry - Mineweb Australia nickel miners that are heating up: http://www.mineweb.com/mineweb/content/en/mineweb-fast-news?oid=248209&sn=2014+details Always do your own dd and seek professional...read more
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The Gold Report with Byron King, editor for Agora Financial

Byron King, newsletter editor for Agora Financial, tells The Gold Report investors who have run up gains in traditional investments are looking for new asset classes.   Byron King: ... it takes...read more
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No selling pressure -

There is a "seller's strike" in this stock.  It will be interesting to see if a new high brings in volume?  rate and reply
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Shorts off.

Different closing price on TSX website of $1.67. According to the price history the shorts were active during $1.3 and below. Interested in seeing the short tally on 2014/07/31. Short Positions...read more
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RE:RE:Stacking Up!!

volume drove price down earlier in the week, there was relatively few offers and that got cleaned out a las second bid filling stopped from closing at 1.67$, news was pretty clear, they have 6/8...read more
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RE:Stacking Up!!

Nice numbers.  The only thing I'm not liking about today's action is the relatively low volume, but the last-hour crowd could change all that in a heartbeat if something "big" truly is on the way...read more
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Stacking Up!!

Combined Platinum/Palladium intercepts for each of the 2 drill holes                                  Horizon 3         Horizon 2         Horizon 1   GR 14-25                     7.27 g/t           0...read more
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BAR turns GREEN on the day........

.... in the face of a general correction in PM stocks.  News Monday?  rate and reply
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Long and strong. Weak kneed sisters always present ops in our opinion. Yesterday for example. Always do your own dd and seek professional advice from a registered representative before acting on...read more
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RE:If war?

TIBS66 wrote: What happens If war breaks out ? Do juniors take a dive or they follow the price of gold ? Pretty bad around the world !    "If" war breaks out?  It already has, there've just been no...read more
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Just another day...

don't expect anything to occur unless an oil exporting country is affected. In the old days you could expect big jumps in PM's etc. not anymore. It does however look like we are in for some positive...read more
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If war?

What happens If war breaks out ? Do juniors take a dive or they follow the price of gold ? Pretty bad around the world !  rate and reply
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And another HOD close for BAR

Micky's gonna be p'd when he gets home from the French Fry basket tonight.  And to think he could have covered.   PMs and PM stocks should really start to fly now as things get uglier and uglier out...read more
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July 16 2014 Update

Go to their website, Under Investors, click on Presentations. There, you will get the update.  rate and reply
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Goindeeper: Thanks for your article too. I still have to read it. In reference to the chromite layer, go to the June 20, 2014 presentation (under Presentation) and click down about 13 slides. You'll...read more
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Some very interesting thoughts about Magmatic deposits with

Mickey1212: Thanks for the above article. It is an excellent summary on Ni-Cu-PGE deposits.  rate and reply
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Conversion from Ni to Au equivalent

For those that may have missed it when they gave up reading.  From: http://www.balmoralresources.com/s/Grasset.asp?ReportID=650193 It is always difficult to compare the potential value of different...read more
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RE:RE:RE:They must be drilling more promising results.

diabase1.  Thanks for the thanks and the thought put into your post. RE: Massive sulphides in Horizon 1 and 2 I'm not sure if the interval is incuded in Horizon 1 or Horizon 2, but GR-14-17 also...read more