Geezer321: Thank you for your post. I think I missed to quote another passage of the last news release:

"Kores is the only borrower under the Kores Exim Facility. Kores has agreed to provide MMB with a new corporate loan facility, and MMB and Kores are currently working toward a draw Kores/MMB facility to be completed in due course.

MMB has further confirmed that in addition to the Kores EXIM Facility, Kores has advanced an additional US$40 million to MMB for continuing construction of the Boleo project. MMB advises that it has confirmed with Kores that the US$104 million of short term funding advanced in October and November2012 were entirely provided by Kores. "

They are talking about a loan in the colored passage. To me the words "loan" and "borrower" sound very much like a loan.... or could it be (possibly) anything else?