Kores is also a member of the Korean Consortium. http://m.gowlings.com/RepresentativeWork/case.asp?caseID=725So we now know who fed all those million bucks as a brand new 40M$. Sure there have some agreements between consortium members. Also that Kores took the place of Exim for the 400M$+ loan facilities. Not a single word about Stage II nor ownership changes. LD overruns costs facilities were only 35M$. IMO, this 50M$ was the second tranche of the entire 100M$ overruns costs backed by Exim (if a well remember). LD may drop his lawsuit but I believe if Baja falls to 10% of MMB, LD wouldn't be much happy owning a round 10% of Baja shares.... Much further that LD is supposed to be a large buyer of the outcome mineral...All is linked all togetherand for that reason, Baja will keep 49% and will be liable for their part of the cake. Plain and simple imo>