I believe the lack of news stems from the fact that Baja is now a minority and not privy to any information until the Koreans call Baja and tell them. I agree that it is unfortunate and unprofessional to state dates/events in a press release and not follow up on them, for example, the extension was granted until November 20th, in the very minimum they should announce Novemeber 21st AM that no extension has yet been granted but talks remain, or whatever. Simply acknowledging the date previously outlined. As for the SRK, no "Date" was given, so you guys need to stop talking about it and relax. It says late-November in the Q3 FS, so please go re-read that if you don't get it.


As for the construction halt, I will have you note that the text in the release says "construction at the site has been halted", unfortunately we aren't told if that means the entire Boleo project site, or just the site/building where the death occurred. My guess is that it referred to just a specific site, but regardless they should make a clear statement.


Based on the consistent common spelling mistakes I find in the Baja press releases and lack of any general updates about the company, it's pretty clear to me that the people involved (BOD) have other priorities and the whole show is being run by the Koreans, Baja is just along for the ride now.