i posted this almost 6 months ago.  still relevant.  nothing has changed.  would be nice to see something!!

good to see you back stateside!  





Its been awhile for an update.  Management must have something to report??

While we wait:

Recap: (12M market cap)

approx. 80 km2 = approx 20000 acres x $300.00/acre (people pay more than this for "non-gold" land)= $6 mil.

own 35km of 250km (15%) of Cadillac break has to be worth something?

1.4 million oz. measured and inferred x $10, $20, $30 or more = $14M, $28M, $36M?? you decide

AZX could truck ore to one of many mills in the area to avoid capex and years of constructing mill, especially with open pit mining

mining friendly Quebec (don't forget the money coming back from government for drilling!!)

come'on Mr. Owens - give us some news


some cash and assets (as of Aug12,12? $2.4 mil.

Don't call me a pumper!  Just wanted to remind everyone what is here and what it might be worth!