From pg 2 of January 22nd Corp Presentation.  Basic logic would suggest it should be sufficient to run their 2013 programs, if management finds the right balance between aggressiveness and good money management, of course.  The updated Akasaba 43-101 is expected out around early March.  The updated Sleepy 43-101 is expected out later in 2013. 


I am particularly interested is seeing test results from the area north of the West Zone and directly below the Callahan area (based on old map observations).  Of course, you never know if there is anything of value in the ground until you put in some modern drill holes.  It`s always a hit or miss type situation.


From the last NR:  ``Also, to the north and west of the West Zone, the Company is drill testing new targets selected for their geological and geophysical similarities to the West Zone. Four holes have been completed to-date, for which assays are pending. These are principally shallow targets near the Callahan Intrusive body, with evidence of deformation and alteration, characteristics of the mine horizon and the West Zone.``