Thank you for your response Oceansun. 

Several people have written similar private emails to me.

However, I am not saying that Brent's plan is to create his own success by running stocks up on a 'buy" signal and then crashing them on a "sell" signal....but it has clearly happened with GEL.

I have no reason to believe that he does not write a genuine opinion out of a genuine belief in a company.

I simply do not have enough experience or knowledge of what he does to comment on his newsletter, and the type of dramatic and truly unnecessary movements in the GEL market would only be possible on a thinly traded stock.

No one could do this on a mid-to-large cap stock.

Nevertheless, much real damage can be done to individual stocks and the individual companies that depend on the markets to finance. 

However, it seems fruitless to argue that his readers have benefitted from this with Glass Earth, save the first buys and sells after he wrote his analysis of the company.

Maybe they are just a bunch of lemmings who all jump off the cliff at the same time without using their brains...look at the buy and sell side of GEL...but I do know from a correspondent who sent me several examples that what happened to GEL happens with other stocks Brent writes about.

And for the two people who asked why there are four question marks before in the subject line: I am Chinese and when I typed the characters for Happy New Year in the draft, they appeared correctly, but in the actual post, they were replaced by Stockhouse by four "????"