I should add that, thankfully, I am in gel at a price MUCH lower than the .37 price Brent recomended it at. The thing with him is that it is basicly impossible to get in a stock at the price he recomends buying, and also impossible to get out at the price he recomends selling-- unless you wait and hope the price goes in your favor as a buyer or seller-good luck. So, if you look at his portfolio it looks really great (well, it used to anyway) but getting in and out at the prices he recomends is very difficult to impossible, so forget about your portfolio looking like his. In fairness to Brent though, these are ultra low volume very small cap stocks so it doesn't take much for them to make hard swings in either direction. That is a double edge sword with this type of stock that must be understood going into it. These can fly, but they can tank just as hard.>