My head is sore from scratching it as I look at how Brent Cook and his subscribers operate.

Brent put out a recommendation at (I believe) 27 cents, and his readers shot the stock skyward in milli-seconds as it proceeded to its all-time high of 74 or 75 cents shortly thereafter.

Look at a two-year chart to see what his readers (and some poor hangers-on) did. I doubt that any shareholder "group" has as high a buy price as his readers.

The same is true of the sellers.

Despite there being no immediate reason to sell the bad news out there and no reason to think it will come tomorrow...he puts out a "sell" recommendation and does the mirror opposite of his "buy" and crashes the stock for no reason at all.

So the poor (in more than one sense) readers of his newsletter almost certainly paid the highest price for GEL (really...look at a chart, ran from 27 cents to 74 cents in about 30 days, but most of that increase was immediately following his “buy") as they all rush like a bunch of lemmings to buy GEL, and then he says "sell" and they all rush like a bunch of lemmings to sell the stock.

On average, I suspect that his poor readers have both the highest average buy-price and the lowest average sell-price.

He doesn’t even say, "You don't have to sell tomorrow as there is no rush to bail bad news don't be a bunch of idiots and all sell tomorrow".

He just says "selling" and the lemmings all jump off the cliff at the same time.

If your buy price is approaching GEL's all-time high, and your sell price is its all-time low, then I know where you spend $140 a month.

In addition, GEL just raised money by selling 15 or 20 million shares at 16 cents, and this included some very large and sophisticated shareholders in New Zealand and elsewhere, so his opinion is not shared by all.

And I take his comment quoted by the previous writer, "I think the odds of discovering an economic deposit are very high" very seriously as he does not seem to be a fan of this company.

I don’t know Brent and I don’t subscribe, so I have no comment about how he operates, but look at how his words pushed GEL down 35% in one day and maybe 50% in a few more if the lemmings keep jumping off the cliff.

Just look at a chart of Glass Earth when he recommended it and look at a chart when he said to sell, and tell me that you are really happy about what you did if you subscribe to his newsletter.

It isn’t simply an issue about whether he was right or wrong about GEL.

He, himself, created his own success with a massive rush to buy the stock and then a massive rush to sell it.

He can say, “I told you to buy at 27 cents…look…it has already doubled!!!!” and “I told you to sell at 15 cents…look!!! has already crashed!!!”, but both his “buy” and “sell” became self-fulfilling prophecy, locking in the highest buys and the lowest sells for his subscribers.

Of which, I am not one.