Oceansun, you are correct about Brent selling GEL shares at the moment. The reasons boiled down to a perceived lack of focus by the company, and dilution of the share. Guess we all know that feeling.

However, he also said:

Glass Earth’s WKP project on the North Island, New Zealand is comprised of three very robust epithermal precious metal systems." and " Based on my interpretation of the data, I think the odds of discovering an economic deposit are very high. "

Brent waited until the Placer report was out. That report spells out past costs for GRU operations at Drybread, and shows net profit (C$2mill) running at about 30% of turnover. But apparently a new transport belt system for overburden (already in trials) will markedly reduce overheads. The Heckler GRU is also moving into higher grades according to the report maps. Don't forget that far from relying completely on investors, GEL is heading for around C$9 million in gold turnover each year, and rising. And this is from an area with modest grades.

The WKP report shows a diagram of the three epithermal systems at WKP, which Brent mentions. GEL's placer work just needs to improve a small amount to cover their share of the more selective drilling of those mixing/feeder zones, which have only been located in the last few months.