Some Newmont geologists have been nabbed by journalists, waxing lyrical for a short amount of time anyway, over WKP's prospects. But this is a rather large game that is being played, and it'll take a year or two. Newmont always under-reports its resources, and has been well under the radar on WKP. But when some conservationists took a 1 hr walk into WKP, just a few of them, Newmont reps flew in by helicopter from Waihi to talk to them.

I had a look at the Muirs report, again there is some potential, but nowhere near as much as WKP at this stage. Mr Grieve suggests using seismic searching techniques to find older topographic highs under the cover of eruption material. These highs could be mineralised, as the original find at Muirs was. Muirs Mine is the 10th biggest (historical, by output) gold mine in the North island. Martha Hill Mine is the giant (approx 10Moz total).

WKP: I haven't totalled up the drills done in 2012 to see if they finished the amount they advised shareholders. However 2500m is a new start, or maybe the rest of the 2012 lot. I'd like to see more than one little drill rig being used, and I'm sure Glass Earth as minority partner is frustrated with progress. Don't forget that's why we invested - if WKP is mined, the GEL shares will be worth a lot more then they are now. It's easy enough to do the numbers on the previously advised Newmont trigger point of 5Moz. 

Waiting for the placer report, this will be very handy to gauge cashflow for GEL. Hopefully, no need for rushed private placements in future.