Not seeeing Mark Smiths name much on the insiders buying list (last purchase 2011-12-20), I looked further. Appears he is a director also of Talison Lithium (TLH) and he just made a boat load of cash with that company. TLH lows went from $2.85 a share to currenlty $7.42 a share with a takeover offer from Chengdu Tianqi Industry, out bidding a takeover offer from Rockwood Industry.  As mentioned, Mark Smith didnt have many shares prior to this latest acquisition, only 170000 since he first came on board. His purchase Friday more than doubled his former holding. Hope this points to another winner for Mr Smtih, and the rest of us!  Maybe he will mention Avanti to the Asian buyers of TLH.  Possibly this also points to news soon!  GLTA