Not Great volume but starting to pick up again. From the last update from Avanti, they were looking to have this kicked up to the ministers for approval on or before December 21. The Ministers would then have 45 days to report back with an approval or disproval.  So Dec 21st has come and gone and we havent heard anything. Should we have heard anything before it went up to the ministers or was that part done and its with the ministers now. Am curious if the 45 days count maybe started in November, in which case, our wait will soon be over. It looks like the last 2 items posted on the Project site are comments from 2 Ministers Dec 19th Comments on Drafts from Craig Stewart and Scott Jackson, one written Dec 12 and the other Dec 18th. Having had time to review and write these, I am guessing if they did receive the reports it was around the 7th of Dec.  That being said having it all wrapped up should be by the end of next week. It looks like the Ministers are working towards having any errors corrected in Avanti's favor, although some are commas and period remarks, it looks like they want every i dotted and t crossed and Avanti is compling.  Sounds like a tough process, but if the Ministers were against it they would have turned it down.  Like a teacher marking grades who wants the student to do good, its like go back and fix this and then show me your stuff.  I dont think the Ministers want this to fail.  Not from anything I have read.  So looks like this will probably get the approval done, albeit the waiting is getting tenuous for sure.  Oh well, in for the long haul. Haven't heard from Donny for awhile....Still here Donny?   Whats your best guess for a timeline or results?