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August 2012 News Catalysts2

Resource Investing News identified “Catalysts3” that can greatly influence an investor’s success through a list of significant upcoming news that are expected in the next 30 days.

The following companies have significant upcoming news expected in the next 30 days which have the potential to move the listed companies’ stock: Eagle Hill Exploration (TSXV:EAG), Avanti Mining Inc (TSXV:AVT),Castle Peak Mining (TSXV:CAP),Pan American Goldfields (OTC:MXOM),Lomiko Metals Inc. (TSXV:LMR), Stornoway Diamond Corp (TSX:SWY), Happy Creek Minerals Ltd.(TSXV:HPY), Rockland Minerals(TSXV:RL), Kootenay Silver (TSXV:KTN), Fortune Minerals (TSX:FT), International Lithium (TSXV:ILC).