Over the years, I have seen this many times.. Check out NTB.TO when they had their disaster last fall when their plant burnt down.. A number of law firms starts chasing them.. Fishing expeditions.. The company stood firm.. One suit was actually filed bit it was eventually dismissed.. 

So If the suit gets filed and goes the distance, only the lawyers make the big bucks if they are able to wring a settlement.. But it is a long drawn out process and every company has insurance for that purpose and I don't think Aurcana is any different in that sense..

This is also the reason why you have very prominent and full page disclaimers on every coporate presentations.. Read it and you will see why the company do that..

This is annoying and distracting but some of the comments that I have read suggests a lot of share holders have not seen this before.. Some of us who have been around were waiting for this shoe to drop athough were hoping it would not since as I said, it distracts the management from doing the job..  Mind you, we have to see how far this progresses..

I expec Aurcana will release a strongly worded 'there is no case and we will defend it aggressively' kind of statement if the case is filed..