oh my goodness.... sclarda what planet are you from???   I am an accountant... I did my DD... I read and investigated AUN's commercial production claims and performance objectives... I bought 30,000 shares at 1.02 per share based on this information (mis-information).  

At this point I am down approximately $21K.  I call this fraud!!

Do you really think that I am excited that we are temporarily up a minor amount??? Good for you if you bought umpteen shares ears ago at .11 and can now sell a .36.  Unfortunately that is not the situation for many investors  who may well have been quite diversified.. however.. a $21K loss in a portfolio in a diversified portfolio is still a $21K loss!!!!   

I know that getting a mine up to speed often results in unforeseen setbacks.. but it is up to the company to keep us informed and not have the shareholders discover that only 250 kg of silver was mined because of a colossal mistake in the aquisition of equipment.  The shareholders were not advised of this situation by the company but found out about it when a presentation in Europe by Lenic was viewed by investors but was not shared by the company!  This is like finding out that your boyfriend is dating someone else on facebook!!  I don't know what you call this s-larda but I call this a breach of trust that has caused many many not very rich people to lose a lot of money.  

You obviously lack any compassion for the many investors who believed AUN's sunny forecasts which were clearly not true!  

Given the performance of this company my # 1 recommendation would be that Lenic should be replaced but... as it appears that this is not likely to happen... my #2 recommendation would be that Lenic's salary should be reduced to $250K per year plus perhaps 200,000 shares per year until the company recovers and is stable for three years.  This would directly link his performance to share price and would hit him where it would hurt the most.. his pocketbook!  A .36 company should not be paying their CEO $3M!!!!

Message to AUN management:  I truly believe that there are significant resources at la negra and there may be an opportunity at Shafter but the performance of this company and their reputation for information sharing to shareholders can not be relied upon.   Why not step up to the plate, admit your mistakes and do your best to correct them without trying to blame everyone else for your own misdeeds.