Hi Turdburglar, I do not blame you for being skeptical about certain events that, at face value seem rather suspicious... In fact, we can’t afford not to be!  

However... your question  “why was he selling a boatload of silver just before the smash?” which is a fair question to ask, is followed by comments that seem to suggest you already tried & convicted Mr. Sprott of having done something wrong or crooked... Something for which you lost confidence / trust in him...

With respect to the question, there is only one person who could answer why he sold a boatload of silver (and that would be him).

That said, we could speculate forever about the possible reasons as to why he sold. In the end, unless / until Mr. Sprott discloses his motive for selling, we shall remain captive within the boundaries of speculations...

I must grant you that in the absence of additional information, the selling of physical silver appears counter-intuitive to a man who is extremely suportive of physical PM’s (especially silver).

To balance things out a little, I will speculate in the opposite direction and suggest this:

I recently (2-3 weeks ago) heard Mr. Sprott report that he felt many producers were much better investment values than the physical metals (given how oversold and undervalued some of them were). Incidentally, he went on to say that he was thinking of selling some metals to buy some of them... (This is from memory and not verbatim).

Could that be why he sold?

Honestly, I don’t know.

However and notwithstanding any of the above, I personally have a great deal of respect for Eric Sprott and I also trust him a whole lot more than all the fraudsters (camouflaged in shiny suits & ties), he is trying to expose... and has been for number of years. Therefore, the motive for his recent selling is not worrisome to me.

Respectfully, the world needs more people like Eric Sprott!