Forgive me for jumping in on the CEO/strength comment.  I find the company is only as strong as the teams they assemble, and how empowered each team is.  In this case, there needs to be two strong operations, with two strong mine managers, plant managers, surface explorers, underground exporation/geos, team leaders for the miners etc.  That is a good deal of talent, and the teams they in turn create must hold the vision of the senior leadership.  The training and safety programs have to be in place, systematic, efficient and effective..All this takes time, vision, training.  Lenic certainly will set the intention, and the tone of the operation.  He however needs to be a good judge of character, and assemble good people.  La Negra has been a good turn around story.  How good is the team coming along at Shafter?  We should know more in a few weeks.

I find that these board can turn into fantasy football team type conversations.  We speak of stars that make or break and team.  I hold that these are mining companies, and the most talented and cohesive teams make the most money if the ore is of good quality.  I would rather have the best mine manager, then the most eloquent CEO.