"Some long term shareholders  endlessly complain about the management mistakes causing all the  dilution from years ago. Another and perhaps more honest way for them to look at things is that maybe before buying shares all those years   ago and complaining now as their losses mount, they should have done a lot better due dilligence...."

Yes,Sklarda,noted how you revel in your blame game at  shareholders for decisons of management.Interesting that you wish to do this conscidering all you have read today and the fact you have just shown up on this board :


Rodriguez plans to raise $40-million to finance the (Shafter)project, mostly in debt, although it could include an equity component, possibly in the form of warrants.

“But we want to keep dilution as low as possible,” he said.


Jan 24,2012 -One year ago at the Vancouver Conference AUN Booth

"When I got to the booth I met Andy Nichols (vice president,operations) had a good in depth chat with him, aprox. 15 minutes. I first congradulated them on getting aurcana to this point, next was how they plan to deal with the large amount of shares,(not that i have a problem with it based on future revenue) mainly was there any thought of a rollback(reverse split)? Andy said that he doesn't foresee any roleback but instead could see the float increase slightly if a 3rd mine was aquired. A combination of new revenue and(shares if needed)to make an aquisition(all in time,they currently are very focused on shafter). They have filled all the senior positions needed at shafter(this took some work) quality people are tougher to find when metal prices are on the rise. Andy was very patient and answered all my questions, I didn't ask about a share buy back as he didn't seem like the guy to answer that(sorry)."
This is from an AUN poster one year ago.Note the VP stating no rollback?


Same Vancouver Conference notes from Tech One on this board:

Attended AUN presentation by the CEO..  Shafter under budget and 2 months ahead of schedule..  8 weeks to commissioning and till May, 2012 for operational shake down..  Grand Opening in June.. La Negra 2000 on schedule.. 2500 by 2013.. Shafter full capacity by 2013 .. Mentioned half a billion shares and dilution in passing..  Silver grade at La Nagra have gone up to 86 gram per ton..  Briefly mentioned exploration and opportunity to add to resources per Chief Geologist.. Feels share prices are under valued compared to competitors etc..
The presentation was rushed due to time constraints.. I saw him after just in passing.. But did ask him about moving to TSX.. He said, after annual numbers come out so that they don't have to repeat all the financials but they are planning to.. AGM this year should be quite interesting..T1
It should be noted that the CEO said we would list on the big board last year and the VP stated there would be no share rollback.We are not talking shareholder incompetence disseminating AUN projections,Sklarda.
Surely,you have enough intelligence to figure out that investors listen to management and expect they will be accurate and if not,will notify investors on material changes in company plans?
I don't like your attitude of blaming investors for Management incompetence,especially because you know nothing of the company and base your assetions and opinions without facts.