Good points Constantine. The management here does not seem the best at public relations and telling the shareholders what is happening regularly. That should be improved and i am sure there are other areas that could be improved as well. That being said despite all the so called mistakes in the past by managment we are still on the verge of becoming a 7 to 10 million ounce producer over the next couple of years with no debt. So while we can be critical of managment in some ways they have taken a small junior miner near bankruptcy to a 7 to 10 million ounce producer over several years.


Yes i am sure that there have been mistakes made over those years but at the same time we have to look at the end results. Two mines with rich ore ramping up production. And lets not forget about the  very large and rich silver reserves that have been discovered. All the dillution that was required at a low shareprice to fund the Shafter mine could be called a mistake but if they could not obtain financing any other way they had to go with the best option they had.

Some long term shareholders  endlessly complain about the management mistakes causing all the  dilution from years ago. Another and perhaps more honest way for them to look at things is that maybe before buying shares all those years   ago and complaining now as their losses mount, they should have done a lot better due dilligence of the finances of the company and the management quality.  The management of every gold or silver junior miner, explorer etc will always try and put their company in the best light especially the ones that need investor financing. Some here believed the hype and promotion and now they are not happy. 


I know it can be hard especially for investors holding a lot of Aurcana shares from years ago waiting all these years only to find out that investors now can buy shares cheaper than they paid years ago.  I know how it feels because it has happened to me and i have learned the hard way to be skeptical of Corporate Presentations and listening to what management says. 


For some of the long time shareholders who complain about the mistakes of the past. Even if we accept that as some here seem to think that management is an incompetent bunch of fools, if you can be  fooled by a bunch of fools how smart does that make you?