In my last conversation with IR, Catalin told me that the average production of Shafter for Q1 will be 600tpd, for Q2 the goal is 900tpd, for Q3 1200tpd, and for Q4 1500tpd.  That was disappointing, but should produce plenty of cash for whatever the filters and other equipment that is needed for both Shafter and LaNegra.  However, considering that when they put Shafter in production it had already reached 600tpd (granted, not as an average), I do hope that after being burned with their rosy expectations with Shafter, that Management is trying to get back into a more healthy habit of under-promising and over-delivering.  I would therefore not be surprised if they accomplish better than 600 tpd for Q1.  

Just like you, I am trying to keep my eye on the fundamentals.  Even if it takes another 2 years to get to 10 million oz per year, considering that AUN was producing less than 1 million oz not too long ago, and is still around the same price it was then, the stock price just HAS to appreciate significantly in the near future, and I don't want to be caught out of the stock, even if I take some short-term pain during this latest take down of gold and silver.  Based on prior take downs, I however do not blame some others on this forum who have said they got out and hoping to be able to get back in at lower prices.  Good luck to all of you.