Well I definitely think that my enthusiasm for the prospects of this company have led to me being too apologetic to the activity of management.  Clearly, the manner in which they have handled the dissemination of information regarding the progress of Shafter has been unacceptable and this is not the first time that I've posted this.  It's not so much the fact that there have been problems at Shafter (these are the risks we take with investing in mining juniors), its the fact that they just allow their investors to sit by idley wondering what's going on as deadlines are passed.  I used to never get a response to my inquiries from IR but there has been some modest improvement in this regard since Catalin took over but I'm starting to see a regression to the previous norm of late.  I can be sure to get a quick response from the other companies that I invest in.  Some of them even call me direct without my requesting as such.  No question that you have shown that Lenic Rodriguez was dishonest in stating that the company was fully funded.  Be advised, that I sent a nasty-gram to them immediately after they made the announcement.

Regarding the future, it's actually ironic that you're less worried about Aurcana than I am.  You seem positive in your belief that the company is making tons of money.  They're still be cagey about Shafter.  Why so little information this passed production report?  It leaves me skeptical that they are continuing to have problems at Shafter.  Look at their cash position.  I don't have the last report in front of me but they were down to $10 million, if I'm not mistaken.  This leaves very little room for error and is $25 million short of where they were a year ago immediately after the final PP (granted this was expected as they brought Shafter online).  How much are the filter presses and other items going to cost to install?  Will they need more money to accomplish this task?  It seems like these are the issues that management should be addressing right now and  why the consolidation seems suspect. 

Hopefully, this well end up as favorably as Couer D'Alene's consolidation, granted they benefited from the massive price spike in silver that occurred almost immediately after their reverse split.  I completely get that these consolidations are usually accompanied by share price declines.  However, I've become pretty cool in keeping my eyes on fundamental valuations.  Assuming that their press release is true, and they really do just want to get on the NYSE or something, simply dumping stock because of a mathematical annomoly will only be temporary once the company has more tangible metrics such as PE valuations, etc to anchor the price.  Yes, if this continues to occur, it probably means that I would have been able to get in at a cheaper price but it won't change the ultimate gains that I would see assuming that their are no problems.  The real question remains; does this consolidation indicate a more fundamental problem at Shafter, for which they need to raise money.