Freddymanl has been a significant AUN investor for many years now.He has always been very polite and positive.If any newbies here are confused right now I suggest you listen up to a long time shareholder whom understands the company intricately and is highly credible.

Fred's post:

AUN is nothing like FR - with LR(Pres.& CEO) on the rudder it will probably never be..

FR makes a mine on time as promised and at three times the speed as AUN

If need be, FR only sell assets which their retail investor do not care much about (base metals) and invest it in ramping up an even larger silver production profile. Apparently LR would rather sell silver forward to SLW. One is clever, the other is not. 

FR does not go about handing out huge discounted shares to institutional investors via private placements - effectively tapping retail investors future return. 

Keith Neumeyer comes to the office, sits down and put's himself in his shareholders shoes thinking "what can I do today to make them more money"

LR comes to the office, sits down and does NOT put himself in his shareholders shoes, but is rather thinking "what can I do to make ME money today"

The thing you sit left with holding AUN is not the return, but all the risk. 

The thing you sit left with holding FR has been the return at minimal risk.

The recent FEAR is with LR's conduct - 4:1 ratio would be an "ok let it go then" at best, but 8:1 is a screaming "F-Y" with Lenic's trigger haPPiness...If you do not understand, then you were not around when he did the previous ones at .31 and .65 or the warm reception for his "innovative" silver units..

LR's track record includes deceptions and flat out lies. It is unfortunate, but it is the truth. Matt has been crying out loud about it and some of you dismiss it, but he has been right all along - unfortunately.

AUN has not given a shareholder return of 700 some percent as stated in their presentation - not by a long shot when considering all the new capital from the big boys. Of course they will invest in his offerings - he is plain out giving away the company. 

I have showed much support for Lenic and his swift approach - it was an effective approach when having to save AUN from bancruptcy and out of a tought time. Now, this manner is not what AUN needs. If he continues as he has done in the past then there is not much to gain from standing by his side. I am not here for LR and his deceptions, I am here for two fantastic properties LN and Shafter. I am not here to be an observant of one shareholder having 700 percent return - that would be LR. 

I miss the talk from a CEO to his shareholders about future shareholder return, what are your ideas Lenic - talk to us, are you planning something for us, a new mine? Dividend? something....we need to hear something man...

If Cour D snaps Orko, then I am going to shout out to Keith Neumeyer to come rescue us instead. I think that would be the best - even for Lenic - God help the man..

Some more down days now and I think we are discounted enough to make that a seriously attractive proposal - hey maybe this is what LR is trying to "provoke" - a bid on AUN?! Nahh...well I can hope.

Well I still take comfort in two great mines and some very hard working miners and engineers.