Hi Guys, I continue to post about this as I feel my call is right and the last couple of months are proving me right. Look my past posts on aurcana to verify. The price of paper silver is continuing to come down and will continue to do so until there is a delivery issue. Based on COT report it could be March. Nonetheless days like Friday and the coming days leading to March will feel like being a bull rider. Hold on for your dear life. They will shake the tree like never before, if you have ammo left I think it makes sense to buy, add or enter in the next 2 weeks. You have to think that they are trapped with their shorts, the only way to close some of them is for the price to come down, incite other people to sell and buy back at a lower price. it is not working right now or not enough I should say, less and less players are in this paper casino so they are left to play by themselves. They are starting to panick because March is an active delivery month and its coming fast. So expect extremely high turbulences leading to March, the boat will rock. You have to understand it is just a paper game, you really have to understand this, we have people, banks, entities, etc  with unlimited fire power selling at will an asset that totals 30billions many times over in a week. If you think this is still a market discovery system then you cant be helped. If you have bought Aurcana because you believe Silver was an asset that was undervalued and that aurcana had millions of oz in the ground then I think staying the course for a few more weeks might not be the worse thing you can do.   

disclaimer: this is not an investment advice but just my personal opinion.  :)