Bulgar, thanks for your support. Mattbigham seems to be quite adept at bashing. Whatever his "10 stocks" that he's talking about are, the averages don't lie: both the GDX and GDXJ have been getting smashed, so it is obvious that AUN is by far not the only one to be getting destroyed.  Matt also had a post of the advantage of a buyback vs a rollback.  No kidding!  A roll-back should have no effect on the stock price (not very dissimilar from a stock split).  A share buy-back actually reduces the # of shares, thus improving the EPS number.

Worst case scenario about AUN: if silver continues to drop precipitously, because of the many years of silver in the ground, particularly at LaNegra, Management could decide at any point to conserve cash by stopping exploration efforts, and after the expansion of Shafter to 2500 tpd, they could also reduce CAPX to just maintenance.  A couple of years at 10 million oz of silver and limited exploration and CAPX spending would do wonders for the price of the stock!