Silver -5.1 % loss on the week
Gold-3.4% loss on the week

EXN.V -down a penny for the week or 2%
Announced share buy back Nov. 29th.
Down nine cents since topping out in December.
Up 20% since the buy back of shares announcement  in November.
Accompanied by multiple insiders buying on the open market.

AUN.V-down 14.5% for the week.Announced share roll back.
February -0.87-  0.71 19% loss
January- 0.98-0.83 14% loss
December-$1.05- 0.94 9% loss
November-$1.15-0.98  14% loss
October -down $1. 23-$1.02 18% loss
Multiple insiders selling their options conversions.